Dubai's Next Crazy-Tall Skyscraper Will Make the Burj Khalifa its Bitch

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Dubai’s quest to build a skyscraper so tall it sways around in the wind like a drunken monster and tickles aeroplanes' bellybuttons continues. Developer Emaar Properties has revealed the Tower, which will make the 2,716ft (827m) tall Burj Khalifa its bitch. Oddly enough, the Tower doesn’t have an official height yet, despite the fact that construction is set to begin this July. All we’ve heard so far is that it’ll exceed 2,730ft (832m) tall.

It’ll cost a casual $1 billion (£687m) to build, and is expected to be finished as early as 2020. Ah well, it’s only the underpaid, overworked, horribly treated builders who need to worry about that. Unless something goes terribly wrong, here’s what the Tower will look like once it’s finished.

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Naturally, much of the building has been reserved for tourism and hospitality purposes, while function rooms, shops and restaurants with small plates and high prices will make up the rest of the Tower. Expect an especially bonkers scene from the next next Fast and Furious movie to take place there. [CityAM]