Dyson Uses its Big Balls to Create the First Self-Righting Vacuum Cleaner

By James O Malley on at

It might soon be time to enter your vacuum cleaner into Robot Wars, following the introduction of a new Dyson which comes with a self-writing mechanism, or "srimech", in Robot Wars jargon.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Cylinder (No sniggering at the back!) is, the company claims, the only vacuum that will stand right back up again when toppled, which should make it less of a pain to use. The way it works is by having the parts assembled in a spherical array, with the heaviest mounted at the bottom to give it a low centre of gravity. So gravitational forces will keep it upright.

The company is also boasting about the built-in "hygienic dirt ejector", which uses a silicone collar to scrape out all of the dirt when emptying it, and the 360-degree articulated handle.

What's perhaps most remarkable though is the details included in the press release about how much testing the Dyson's Big Balls have been put through: To develop it took 55 engineers creating 1000 prototypes, with over 1800kg of test dust used. The vacuums were then used over approximately ten miles in 900 "debris pickup tests". Apparently overall, over 20,000 hours of tests have been carried out to ensure that it will, umm, really suck (as that's what you want vacuums to do).

The Dyson Big Ball range with self-righting technology will available the Dyson website, starting from £349 for the Dyson Big Ball Animal model. No doubt the Chaos 2 guys are already getting worried.