E-Cigs Should Be Encouraged and Endorsed, Declares Doctor Report

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

E-cigarettes have received overwhelming support in a new Royal College of Physicians report, which says they should be used to help smokers quit. The people in lab coats have declared the electronic puffers “much safer” than regular fags, and said they make it easier to kick the bucket habit.

It gets better too. The doctors involved in the report also rejected claims that e-cigs are a gateway to proper smoking, and added that they should be encouraged and endorsed. “The public need to be reassured this is not a new nicotine epidemic in the making,” said Professor John Britton, who co-authored the report. “E-cigarettes have very little downside and a lot of potential benefit.”

However, while it's possible that e-cigarettes could be made widely available on prescription in the future, such a move seems unlikely considering the current state of the NHS. "Moving forward we would be looking for clear evidence that making e-cigarettes available on prescription as part of a wider smoking cessation scheme is a wise use of both scant NHS funds and GP practice resources, before the College could get behind it," said Dr Tim Ballard of the Royal College of GPs.

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Still, the long-term effects of sucking back on an e-cig are still unknown. Part pooper Professor Simon Capewell from the Faculty of Public Health added that more research needs to be done, and that anybody ready to quit smoking should have a word with the NHS for direct advice. He can't deny that smokers look cool as fuck though. [BBC]