Early iPhone SE Stats Suggest Buyers Are Price-Conscious

By James O Malley on at

The iPhone SE has been in shops for only a matter of weeks, but already we're getting some very early indications of how successful the phone is likely to be.

Naofumi Kagami has been reading the runes provided by Japanese site BCN ranking, which in turn analyses retail data from a number of Japanese providers - and it reveals that the 16GB version of the SE is proving much more popular than the larger 64GB version.

What this suggests - perhaps in line with Apple's expectations - is that broadly iPhone SE buyers are consumers who are more price-conscious, not wanting to shell out on a larger capacity handset. Naofumi goes on to speculate we can be doubly sure of this, because the data he is analysing is only from the opening weekend, which would traditionally skew towards early adopters and the sorts of people who wouldn't blink at dropping big money on a new phone.

Though consumers spending less money might not sound like good news, Apple might still be smiling. It could mean that the new phone, which was conceived as a smaller and cheaper alternative to the iPhone 6, is hitting consumers who would otherwise go for a cheaper Android rather than an iPhone.

You can find our review of the iPhone SE here. [Naofumi Kagami]