Even London's Gas Tanks are Being Turned into Posh Flats

By Gary Cutlack on at

The King’s Cross Central redevelopment area will soon have another array of flats within it for the rich set to keep as standby crash pads should a meeting overrun and they miss their flights back to Dubai, with a developer turning several old Victorian gasholders into your standard glass-fronted flats that no one normal can afford.

Architect Wilkinson Eyre is behind this part of the scheme to redevelop another bit of London into something unrecognisable, with 145 flats -- or apartments as the brochure might say -- starting at a ludicrous £785,000 currently nearing completion and the pages of Rightmove.

The site will use the restored framework of three of the listed 1860s gasholders that currently sit there, which are officially known as Gasholders 10, 11 and 12 according to the naming convention of the Imperial Gas, Light and Coke Company that had them built. They've been restored off site, to ensure no future rich people scratch themselves on their rusted exteriors; and a fourth one will be a park, where inhabitants can sit and look at their houses while drinking an expensive drink, thinking about how life turned out OK thanks to that massive inheritance.

If you think you might have access to £785,000 in the mid-term future, interest can be registered here. [Standard]

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