Face Transplant Recipient Explains What His New Life is Like

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mitchell Hunter, a man who received a face transplant five years ago, way before anyone could get one for doing an amazing April Fool's joke on the NHS, has spoken about his time with his new appearance -- and the change it has made to his completely rebuilt life.

Hunter lost his face in the horrific aftermath of a car accident in 2001, before getting his new look in 2011 thanks to a 14-hour operation. They added and plumbed in a nose, eyelids, nerves and muscles, in what was, at the time, only the second face transplant operation to be performed in the US.

CNN has the video and before and after photos, showing that, happily, it's all still attached and working, with Hunter telling reporters he can feel: "...hot, cold, pain, tickle, rubbing my beard, someone kissing my face -- I can feel everything."

Barring a bit of bagginess around the eyes, you'd be hard pushed to tell anything was ever drastically damaged, a fact he wanted to share with his supporters, some of which haven't yet seen the amazing "after" photos of the life changing work. [WishTV via CNN]

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