Facebook's Live Video Map is a Window Into How Other People Waste Time on Facebook

By James O Malley on at

Last week we learned that Facebook is betting big on live video. It will be rolling out streaming functionality to all of its apps, and earlier this week announced that it will also allow third party developers to plug their video streams into Facebook. And now to accompany this, Facebook has launched a map.

The map works a bit like the one on Periscope, enabling you to click around and see who is broadcasting live and from where. And it already appears to be taking off...

Here's one guy streaming while working in some sort of takeaway:

Facebook Live is going to be a valuable tool to bedroom DJs everywhere:

And this guy is streaming himself while he drives what appears to be a bus. Amazing.

If you thought all of your friends' baby photos were annoying... well, wait until you see the inevitable live Facebook births.

You can browse the map yourself here.