FCC Filings Point Towards a "Slim" Xbox One at E3

By James O Malley on at

Xbox's Phil Spencer may have categorically ruled out any major upgrades for the Xbox One, but that doesn't mean Microsoft hasn't any plans to fiddle with the existing hardware, as new filings with the American telecommunications regulator, the Federal Communications Commission, reveal.

According to Ars Technica, the FCC has received filings from Microsoft for wireless radio devices that would typically be found inside the Xbox One. What's particularly curious is that they requested that the two filings remain confidential until June 25th and July 29th respectively.

So what does it all mean? It would be reasonable to speculate that Microsoft is planning on slimming down the Xbox One into a smaller shell - keeping the specs more or less the same, but perhaps making it less power hungry and smaller in size than the original 2013 hardware. This would be in line with what happened to the Xbox 360 over its lifetime, with the introduction of the "E" model, which was not only smaller but also added wifi support for the first time.

Similarly, the new filing seem to suggest that a new Xbox One model would have support 802.11ac wifi support - which Ars Technica notes would be essential if Microsoft wants to offer any wifi game streaming similar to Playstation Now.

And why the confidentiality? The speculation is similarly that Microsoft could be hoping to make the new hardware announcement at its big E3 press conference in the middle of June. [Ars Technica]