Free £5 Coins For Anyone Who Shares Their 90th Birthday With the Queen

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

To celebrate the Queen’s big 90th piss-up, the Royal Mint has unveiled a commemorative £5 coin designed by artist and sculptor Christopher Hobbs. The coin, which is marked with nine roses and, of course, a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, is available from the Royal Mint’s website, and not for a fiver.

The cheapest edition we’ve spotted costs £80, but there’s another version that’ll set you back a staggering £7,500 (it’s gold and comes in a fancy box). However, you can get your hands on a coin -- probably not the really expensive one -- for free if you're set to turn 90 on the same day as the Queen.

As she has two birthdays, this is a bit confusing, but the Royal Mint’s gone with April 21st. The party weekend, on the other hand, is scheduled for June.

"My design for Her Majesty's 90th birthday coin collection was inspired by the heraldic rose and the Queen's love of flower,” said Hobbs. “The central 'EIIR' is surrounded by a classical wreath of celebration. I have tried to make the roses more natural than heraldic, each one different from the other."

I think I can speak for the entire Giz UK community when I say Christopher, you've really cracked that heraldic/natural balance. [BBC]