Gambling and Finance are the Most Expensive Google Keywords in the UK

By James O Malley on at

If you Google for the words "play live blackjack" and click the sponsored result at the top of the page, you'll cost whatever company just paid for it a massive £148.51 - with just one click!

We know this thanks to a new analysis by Search Engine Watch, which dug through a list of 2,000 popular keywords and priced them up for Google Adwords - and it turns out that finance and gambling completely dominate.

Other keywords include simply "rolete" (yep, a typo), for £144.76 and "live casino" for £122.09. The most expensive non-gambling or finance term is 28th on the list - a search for "big data systems" will cost a company £97.76. Yikes.

Overall, gambling accounts for 22 of the top 25 results, and 77 out of the top 100.

Obviously the thinking behind these companies paying such gigantic sums is that if they can hook you into their services, it could turn out to be a big payday: Hooking you on gambling on a specific site could see you continuing to shovel cash in. Interestingly, according to Search Engine Watch's post, health search terms are another popular search in the US, but not over here - because on the other side of the Atlantic lawyers want to find people who want to sue drugs companies and the like.

So if you've ever wanted to cost a company £148.51, just click one of the adverts on give it a try.">this search.