Gang Jailed For Massive Jammie Dodgers Heist

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Five sweet-toothed rapscallions have been sent down for stealing a trailer filled with £20,000 worth of Jammie Dodgers. They can’t even blame the Great Biscuit Crisis of 2016 for their outrageous behaviour, because the crime went down last summer.

Anthony Edgerton, Paul Price, Kieron Price, Stephen Burrow and Aaron Walsh travelled from Liverpool to a Burton’s Food factory in Torfaen last year to commit the heinous crime. After fooling staff by cunningly posing as DHL drivers, they took off with a lorry loaded with the dunkable treats.

The vehicle was soon found in a lay-by on the M62, but -- wait for it -- the Jammie Dodgers are still missing. Those boys must have had shitloads of tea on them. The men have been sentenced to between 16 and 44 months behind bars, with gang leader Edgerton receiving the harshest punishment.

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Get this though. After receiving their sentences, one of the Jammie Dodgers thieves reportedly said, “Does anyone want a biscuit?” I hope he got a high-five and a "this guy" or two for that creative gem. [Telegraph]