Germany Encourages Bastard Walk-Texters With Ground Traffic Lights

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Man I hate walk-texters. Well, all of them except for me. I’m obviously always completely aware of my surroundings. Seriously though, at some point we’ve all collided with someone who’s had their eyes glued to their smartphone. It’s annoying, not least because they usually fucking fail to apologise. Dicks.

Anyway, it can also be dangerous, as pavements tend to run alongside scary things called roads, where growling cars live. In order to stop walk-texters from unwittingly throwing themselves into oncoming traffic, the city of Augsburg in Germany has introduced special traffic lights that are embedded in the ground. Sort of like cat's eyes for pedestrians.

It’s a little sad that we’ve come to this point, but the idea makes sense. Lights under your feet are harder to ignore (if you're text-walking) than regular traffic lights, and could therefore help save a few lives. Then again, it also seems to encourage terrible habits, and eats into public funds. I'm definitely in Team Padded Lampposts. [Ubergizmo]