Google Calendar Will Now Help You Set Goals

By James O Malley on at

To celebrate Google Calendar's 10th birthday, Google has announced a new feature for its calendar app on both iOS and Android: Goals.

The idea is that you tell Calendar what you want to do, whether it is work out more, or spend time learning a language (or whatever), and it will then automatically figure you out a schedule so that you can make the time to do so.

To set one up, in the app all you have to do is tell it what sort of goal you want to achieve, and how often you want to do it, and it will do the rest. If you find that you can't make the appointments that Google has set for you, you can press "Defer" and it will reschedule.

In a small sign of progress (or to be more cynical, in a savvy marketing move) Google has produced this advert showing off the new feature, where the main character is a gay man. Hurrah!

It isn't exactly clear when the new feature will be rolling out - at the time of writing, it isn't yet appearing on the iOS app, though we expect it to appear in the next few days. [Google Blog]