Google Play Music Adding Podcast Support on Monday

By James O Malley on at

With the resurgence of podcasting, it's about time that Google took the medium seriously. And on Monday 18th April (in three days time) it will be doing just that, and finally launching podcast support baked into Google Play Music.

According to Android Police the date was leaked after American public radio network NPR circulated an email revealing that the 18th April is the switch on date for the new service, which has been expected for some time.

The Google Play Music app is available for both iPhone and Android, and is an otherwise a traditional music player which lets users upload their local MP3s to the cloud for playback on the app or on the web. The official endorsement will no doubt be welcome by Android listeners and podcast producers alike, as until now there hasn't been one dominant podcast app for Android like there is on iPhone that listeners could be pointed towards.

The interface has already been spotted in the wild - and the speculation is that like many Google products, it won't just simply download the shows you listen to, but it will also have a recommendation engine to point you towards other podcasts that you might like too. [Android Police]