Google Warns Users About a Dangerous Website Called

By Darren Orf on at

You’ve got to admire Google’s honesty. Right now, the company’s own safe browsing tool is flagging “” as partially dangerous. Does that mean you’re computer is doomed if you need to Google search for “that funny video you saw that one time about a cat or something?” Likely no, Google—like lots of websites—is just unsafe when in the wrong hands.

Here are the specific reasons why is partially dangerous:
Google Warns Users About a Dangerous Website Called

Google’s diagnosis essentially explains that can be a platform for people trying to scam you, whether forcing you to download malicious software or redirecting to unsafe sites. As one Redditor pointed out, is fine. (But then you’d have to use which is bad in its own way.)

Really this Google update is just another reminder that web browsing is never 100 per cent safe, even if a site is owned by one of the largest technology companies to ever exist. Practise safe surfing, and to echo Google’s own Douglas Adams-inspired advice: Don’t Panic.

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