Google's Patented an Electronic Lens to Inject Into Your Eyeballs

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Compose yourself, it’s just a patent. For now, anyway. Someone at Google -- who we’re assuming has perfect vision -- has come up with a terrifying-sounding electronic device the would need to be injected directly into users’ eyeballs.

If you’re unable to put your own contact lenses in or too afraid to undertake laser eye surgery, this doesn’t sound like one for you. The squirm-triggering, sight-enhancing gadget would act as an artificial replacement for your lens. According to the patent, it would help focus light onto your retina, resulting in improved vision.

The device would be installed by "injecting a fluid into a lens capsule of an eye, wherein a natural lens of the eye has been removed from the lens capsule" and would contain its own (presumably backdoor-equipped) storage, as well as a radio and lens. It would of course be wireless too, though the ‘energy harvesting antenna’ described by Google needs a little further explanation.

Take a few minutes to let that all sink in. [Forbes]