Hate the iPhone SE? Try this iPhone 6SE Instead

By Tom Pritchard on at

Apple's brand new iPhone SE is selling, but it's not really that exciting. It's just the guts of the iPhone 6S stuffed into the body of an iPhone 5S. If that case is completely uninspiring, how does a miniaturised version of the iPhone 6S's case sound? Computer Bild managed to put one together.

As it turns out, some Chinese manufacturers have already started pumping out smaller cases designed like the iPhone 6S. They're a bit useless on their own, but Computer Bild were able to take all the components out of an SE and transfer them into the new case.

While that sounds like a terrifying project (won't someone please think of the warranties?!) they actually managed to pull it off without breaking the phone. That said, they did note that while it does look like a mini 6S the project could easily break your phone beyond repair.

So if you would prefer a mini iPhone 6S, rather than the boring lame-old 5S, you have an option. Just proceed at your own risk. [Computer Bild via BGR]

Featured image: Computer Bild