Have You Seen This Space Dog?

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

This is an appeal. If you live within 50 miles of Burnley, keep an eye out for Sam the Dog. The fluffy toy was launched 15 miles into the sky on a spacecraft attached to a giant helium balloon earlier this week, and has now gone missing.

Morecambe Bay Community Primary School pupils teamed up with SentIntoSpace to, well, send Sam into space, but the balloon popped, bringing the spacecraft, along with the GPS sensor and camera, back down to earth unexpectedly early. The poor thing landed in a field in Burnley. A lucky escape for Sam.

Unfortunately, nobody knows where the dog is. Assuming he’s not in orbit or that someone nicked him, the science people reckon he could be anywhere within a 40 to 50-mile radius of the landing site. That’s a pretty large area that includes bits of the Irish Sea.

If you do happen to stumble across the adventurous little blighter, please don't chuck it in the bin or use it to wipe dirt off the bottom of your shoe -- there's a free stay at Morecambe Bay's Midland Hotel at stake, if you hand it in. You can also cheer up a load of children too. Follow the search mission through the Twitter hashtag #FindSam. No foul language please, there are kids around. [Independent]