Here's the World's Largest Jet Engine

By Attila Nagy on at

Between the two huge chunks of concrete in the moody dusk photo above is the world largest jet engine, which was recently assembled by General Electric engineers. It’s the first working prototype of the GE9X turbofan engine, which GE is putting through the paces at the company’s test range near Peebles, Ohio. You might be wondering just how huge the world’s hugest engine is. According to GE, “Shaquille O’Neil would fit inside it with Kobe Bryant sitting on his shoulders.”

What would that look like? Like this:

Here's the World's Hugest Jet Engine

Key facts about this monster:

  • Its front fan is 11 feet in diameter (3.35 metres), which is a world record.
  • The engine has 3D printed fuel nozzles.
  • The combustor and the turbine are made of lightweight and ultra heat-resistant materials called ceramic matrix composites (CMCs).
  • CMCs can operate at temperatures of up to 1,315 degrees Celsius.
  • The engine includes 16 fourth-generation carbon-fibre fan blades.
  • The GE9X can generate 100,000 pounds of thrust.
  • Shaquille O’Neil would fit inside with Kobe Bryant on his shoulders

Here's the World's Hugest Jet Engine
Image: GE Aviation

Here's the World's Hugest Jet Engine
Image: GE Aviation

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