Here's What Female UK Wankers Search For on Pornhub

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The sex-crazed genitalia-people over at Pornhub Towers have collected a fresh batch of warm, sticky insights for us to lap up, and they’re all about women’s porn-browsing habits. As you’ll know if you’ve read our complete guide to porn, 24% of Pornhub’s viewers are women, with that figure falling to 22% in the UK, and each of our home countries appears to have a distinct pornographic preference.

Pornhub’s breakdown of top relative categories -- the ones that are viewed more in each country compared to elsewhere in the UK -- shows that Northern Irish women can’t get enough of MILF-themed action, while teen porn is so hot right now over in Wales. Scottish people tend to flick the bean to female-friendly smut, and ebony is the order of the day in England.

Overall, the lesbian category is the most popular amongst British women, but the data shows that bondage is a lot more mainstream on our shores than it is elsewhere in the world. Well played, E L James. Ah well, at least it’s not Hentai (Taiwan, Philippines, Japan and Mexico) or Old/Young (Sweden). Kids’ TV and Werther’s Originals will never be the same.

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The average female Pornhub-watching Brit browses the site for an impressive 10 minutes and 43 seconds, which is well above the global average of 10 minutes and 33 seconds. However, we’ve got our work cut out if we want to challenge the Philippines for top spot. 14 minutes and 20 seconds is the time to beat. Maybe these Hentai movies have really absorbing storylines. [PornhubInsights via Metro]