Hidden PS4 Firmware Changes Fix Common Gaming Issues

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as the headline features included by Sony in its latest PS4 update, there are several little additions not mentioned in the official release -- some of which fix a few of the most common little whinges of Sony's gaming community.

The 3.50 system update was quite a biggie to begin with, with Sony adding the option for users to toggle a custom Online Status option to remain playing in stealth mode, enhanced by additional custom notifications that tell you whenever friends you're actually friends with come online. Plus, of course, it saw the enormity of the arrival of Remote Play on PC and Mac.

But! There's more. A curated list on Kotaku says users can expect to find lots of other little extra tweaks too, like the return of music playback from USB devices, the option to remove the confirmation that a screenshot has been captured -- so users don't have their next screenshot including said message -- and the "people you may know" section may now be edited should you have had enough of being prompted to be mates with someone you only accidentally played a thing with once and never really liked.

Other minor changes like more precise trophy notification screenshots, party size limits, more accurate network speed estimations and more general tinkering awaits. [Kotaku]

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