Holborn Station's Escalators Will be Standing-Only For 6 Months

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Following a successful trial towards the end of last year, TfL has announced that two of Holborn’s three escalators will be made standing-only for the next six months. From today, nobody will be allowed to walk up or down the 23.4m moving staircases, as TfL believes the measures will counteract station congestion.

The transport body says it saw a 30% reduction in overcrowding during its 2015 standing-only trial, with 16,220 people, as opposed to 12,745 in normal circumstances, able to use Holborn's escalators during rush hour. That’s largely because people (especially those wearing stride-restricting skinny jeans) tend to avoid climbing the lengthiest escalators, leaving pretty much the entire left-hand side of them completely empty, and causing people traffic.

TfL hasn't yet revealed plans for a wider rollout of the policy, but we imagine that it’ll only be a matter of time before Angel station gets the same standing-only treatment. Its escalators have a stonking vertical height of 27.4m, with only the bravest, shorst-wearing souls attempting to conquer them. [BBC]