How Do You Watch Films in 2016?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yesterday, it emerged that one web watcher thinks torrent traffic is on the decline, as a rise in streaming, both legal and otherwise, makes the idea of having all the films safely tucked away on a hard drive somewhat obsolete. So how do you do it in 2016?

Personally, I never watch anything live. Watching TV seems so unproductive. If enough people I trust bang on about something for long enough I might eventually see if it's on iPlayer (life's too short for the clunky services of the other channels), and if it's not, torrent it, before watching it and coming to the inevitable conclusion that it's rubbish and I shouldn't have bothered trusting anyone because everything is rubbish.

How do you let the modern world disillusion you to the point of neverending apathy about film and TV?

  • Streaming via Netflix/iPlayer/Amazon
  • Illegal streams
  • DVDs/Blu-ray
  • Torrents
  • Sky/BT/Virgin
  • Freesat (maverick)
  • All of the above
  • Here's something you've never heard of

Is stealing media even still a big thing? It looks like it, as the most downloaded films bit of The Pirate Bay has that new Star Wars film being seeded by thousands of people, so stashing everything Hollywood makes to a folder to perhaps, maybe, one day, watch in the winter, must still be the favoured method of some.

But then everyone bangs on about that Netflix documentary about the man who says he didn't kill a woman but probably actually did when you spend five minutes Googling the matter and making your own mind up instead of being steered down a certain path, so most people must have a Netflix account too.

And of course everyone's got Sky. Apart from me. I ripped the satellite cables off the wall and now only have a Chromecast dongle plugged into the main TV, for iPlayer. I like the control this gives me. Literally no one watches anything without my say-so, and should someone break that rule I can terminate their fun remotely.

Er, so anyway, do you like ruining the fun of all your family? Do you say only BBC Four documentaries are acceptable for streaming on a Saturday night? Are you a complete lunatic who has Amazon Prime? Maybe you're not allowed to have the TV on in your hostel? I don't know. We don't really talk because we hate each other.