HTC 10 Leak Shows Off OIS Selfie Camera Surprise

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

HTC hasn’t pulled any punches when it's come to talking up its next flagship. The company has repeatedly built up expectations surrounding the HTC 10’s camera credentials in particular, and the latest leaks point to a selfie cam with optical image stabilisation.

That’s according to a bunch of photos posted by Twitter account Kisha Bari, which appears to be testing the device ahead of launch. We can’t really take much from the images thanks to compression and the weird lighting, but an OIS selfie cam would be a world's first, and represent an unexpected and impressive addition (especially if you’re a vain so-and-so like me).

2016’s flagships all seem to be competing for the smartphone camera crown, with LG and Huawei opting to use dual-cam setups, and Samsung earning universal praise for the S7’s sensors. HTC’s got its work cut out if it wants to grab a healthy chunk of the market, and the fact that it’s arriving at the party so late could make things even trickier.

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The HTC 10 is set to launch at an event next Tuesday. We’ll be there to grumble about the presentation/play with the phone/hunt down the canapés. [Phandroid]