I Buy Games I Know I'll Never Play. What's Your Tech Vice?

By Gerald Lynch on at

My Steam PC gaming account has about 150 games in it, the majority of which have never been installed, let alone played. I've got a stack of unopened games for two decade's worth of consoles, and no end of mobile games begging to be prodded. I could barely get through all of them if I played them for every waking hour of the next ten years, ignoring all new releases. And yet I still buy more, knowing I'll never play them.

Sometimes I try to justify it by picking them up in a sale, believing ridiculously that they'll never get any cheaper – particularly silly given I'll never actually use them regardless of price. Other times I'll tell myself I'm doing it for work purposes – looking up the availability of obscure old titles, or checking if extremely cheap code sale prices are legit.  Either way, it all comes back to the same thing: another title to add to my pile of shame.

I also do the same with USB sticks and SD cards. Seriously – I'll be the only one laughing when Microsoft declares that Windows 11 can only be installed over 100 individual 1GB flash drives.

Certain aspects of technology bring out the worst of our compulsive behaviour, especially if you're prone to falter at a "good" deal or have a hoarder mentality. So, what's your tech vice? What can't you help yourself from buying even though you know you'll have little use for it? Or are you still stockpiling ridiculous, antiquated gadgetry? A garage worth of VHS tapes, perhaps? Fire off in the comments section below.