Ikea Resurrects UK Solar Panel Sales Despite Subsidy Collapse

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ikea's getting back into the solar panel business today after giving up on a trial last year, hoping that the people are now ready to try to carry a few home in order to lessen their reliance on the UK's creaking energy infrastructure.

It's quite a big launch too, as instead of bunging a few panels in the corner of a warehouse and hoping for the best, Ikea is launching a series of in-branch "Solar Shops" in three of its key locations today, with the aim of getting them in all outlets by the end of the summer.

Ikea says that despite the government's big chops to the Feed-in Tariff the average UK solar panel buyer of today can still expect to make a six per cent return on the investment, while also experiencing all the joys that come from having your own cheap electricity to charge your things all summer for use in the dark winter.

Ikeas in Glasgow, Birmingham, and Lakeside are first to get the in-store panel advice, with UK solar distributor Solarcentury handling the tricky, glossed-over business of local installations. [Ikea Solar via Guardian]

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