Jamaica Debates Binning the Queen and Legalising Weed

By Gary Cutlack on at

The new political regime in Jamaica has its eyes on some pretty major shakeups, most notably a plan to ditch the Queen as its head of state and turn itself into a modern republic.

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen announced the plan, also dropping in hints that the country would quite like to legalise marijuana, please, with Allen saying it would "...give full legislation to marijuana to be used for the specified purposes."

On the issue of the Queen's technical legacy role of supreme leader and boss of all Jamaicans, the Governor General said: "A constitutional amendment to replace Her Majesty the Queen with a non-executive president as its head, as well as a constitution amendment bill to address the judicial review of the director of public prosecutions" are up for debate.

The Criminal Justice Plea Negotiations and Agreements Amendment Bill is also up for debate during the 2016/17 parliament. Hopefully someone will be live-streaming that beauty. [Jamaica Observer via Independent]

Image credit: Jamaica from Shutterstock

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