Clarkson Left With Bloodied Nose After 'Unusual' Car Stunt For Amazon

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

In a successful attempt to wrestle back the limelight after the release of the first Chris Evans-fronted Top Gear trailer, Jeremy Clarkson has shown off some of the injuries sustained in his latest car stunt. The extremely hateable but somehow much-loved presenter, who last week announced he was about to take part in “the most dangerous stunt” he’d ever attempted, took to Twitter to show off his bloodied nose and soot-covered face, captioning his selfie with, “I survived the day. Just.”

Did it involve 'blacking up'? It’s not clear whether or not the soot was there from the start, but we're not ruling it out yet. There doesn't seem to be anything shady about the blood though. After a smarmy keyboard warrior accused him of faking the blood, Clarkson responded by saying, "You’re going to feel silly when you see the show. It so isn’t make-up."

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Co-presenter Richard Hammond, meanwhile, described the stunt as “bloody unusual”. With the sort of hijinks these chaps have been up to in the past, the mind boggles. I'm going to put myself out there, however, and guess that it involved Clarkson deliberately doing something silly with a car. What is he like? [NME]