KFC Ice Found to Have Faeces Bacteria On It During Food Standards Investigation

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The next time you visit the chicken shop -- if this hasn’t completely put you off, of course -- think twice about ordering a drink. A BBC investigation found faecal coliforms in the ice served at a KFC branch in Birmingham’s Martineau Place, and not just traces either. High levels of the stuff.

They’re not sure whether the ice blocks or the water that was turned into ice was contaminated, but it raises serious questions about what goes on behind the scenes of a fast-food joint. There's no way faecal matter is part of the Colonel's secret recipe, and no matter how excruciating a poo you’ve had, there’s no excuse for dipping your backside into the ice dispenser.

KFC responded by saying it was "extremely disappointed" with the findings, which is surely a bit of an understatement. The outlet in question says it’s since cleaned up its act by launching an investigation and putting its staff on a retraining programme, and now claims to have a food hygiene rating of 5 out of five. Still, nobody forgets about shit in a hurry.

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The Birmingham branch became the focus of a BBC investigation after it emerged that 9% of all UK food outlets have a hygiene rating of two or below -- but are under no legal obligation to display the information. Enjoy lunch. [BBC]