LG G5 Teardown Reveals Easily Replaceable Components

By Rob Cappellina on at

It’s been a busy week for dual-camera smartphones, with Superman himself helping Huawei launch the P9 only yesterday. Now, just ahead of its release, the LG G5 has had the X-ray treatment -- okay, someone attacked it with a bunch of tools -- and we’ve all ogled its inside bits.

Two screws secure its uni-body frame and, once opened, the G5’s innards could be mistaken for an iPhone’s. Its 5.3-inch fused display may prove a touch tricky to replace, but that’s pretty much as bad as it gets. Once you’ve popped the motherboard out, you’ll find three easily-removable camera lenses; the 8-megapixel front-facing sensor and the headline-grabbing pair of 16- and 8-megapixel rear-facing snappers.

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Thanks to LG’s use of only a small amount of glue -- on the base of the battery module, for example -- most things you’d probably consider replacing at some point are pretty straightforward to remove and re-attach. Even the USB port pops out without much of a struggle. For a handset that’s part phone, part Transformer, 8/10's a damn good score. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S7 got a 3/10 rating. [ifixit]