Man Makes Robotic Scarlett Johansson/Emma Watson Hybrid Definitely Not For Sexual Reasons

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're going to blow $50,000​ (£35,000) on making a robot friend for yourself, you might as well make one with a face you like looking at and breathing heavily into. Hence Hong Kong designer Ricky Ma​'s creation pictured here, which is the result of him imagining a world in which Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson somehow managed to reproduce and have a daughter. And now it's 18 years later and here she is, all grown up.

The robot, known by Ma as Mark 1, which is odd as Mark is a boy's name, responds to voice commands with a series of facial gestures, with the pretend "Hollywood Star" able to respond to such phrases as "You are so cute" by adopting different body positions, done while wearing the sort of clothes women only wear when dressed by men for films and when hanging around near where lorry drivers park up for the night.

Here's Ma, cleaning up something he left on her nose:

Ma went so far as creating a skeleton for his illegal love -- no doubt taking particular enjoyment from crafting her pelvis -- and printing it out via a 3D printer. Around 70 per cent of her/its substructure was built on a printer, says Ma, who topped his creation with a realistic feel silicone skin. [Reuters via Digital Spy]

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