Man Tries to Escape Police On His Hoverboard, Fails

By Alissa Walker on at

Hoverboards are useful little tools if you want to roll closer to God or start a large fire. Increasingly though, they’re being used as getaway vehicles for criminals, which happened again this past weekend in Florida.

Police in the city of Clearwater were investigating a “known drug residence” last Sunday when they encountered a 20-year-old man who smelled strongly of marijuana. When a cop approached the man, he attempted to escape on his hoverboard, although that didn’t really work out for him, as you can see from the arrest report.

Florida Man Tries to Escape Cops On His Hoverboard, Fails
The suspect admitted “he messed up”.

Clearwater police also released security camera footage that captured the suspect fleeing, although it looks like it’s dated 2015 for some reason:

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