McDonald's Thinks Greasy Tablets Will Get Kids Hungry For Big Macs Again

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The struggle is real for McDonald’s. With the fast food giant finding it increasingly tough to compete with its slightly more wholesome (less un-wholesome?) rivals, the company’s turning to technology to bring hordes of soon-to-be-obese-probably kids through its doors again.

Our favourite creepy clown Ronald McDonald will personally install -- okay, maybe not personally -- Samsung Galaxy tablets in outlets across the UK as part of a new initiative rather bafflingly called ‘Experience of the Future’. Can somebody please tell McDonald’s that the first iPad came out six years ago? Please.

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We’re not sure which Galaxy model will hit the tables, but it doesn’t sound like they’ll do anything out of the ordinary, apart from doubling up as high-tech napkins to wipe grease onto. Customers will be able to browse the web, fiddle with social media apps and play a bunch of games. Futuristic! [Verge]