Microsoft Edge to "Pause" (AKA Kill All) Flash Ads in Latest Update

By Gary Cutlack on at

Adobe's Flash format death clock has ticked one second nearer midnight, with Microsoft the latest to brand much of its animating nonsense "peripheral" and nonessential to the being-on-the-internet process.

Microsoft has pitched this as a move to put users in control of their web experience, with the update -- arriving as part of Windows 10's 14316 build that's with preview programme members right now -- automatically pausing animating Flash content that's not front and central on the page. That basically means bad news for adverts for Samsung washing machines.

Microsoft said: "Peripheral content like animations or advertisements built with Flash will be displayed in a paused state unless the user explicitly clicks to play that content. This significantly reduces power consumption and improves performance while preserving the full fidelity of the page."

Recent stats show that Microsoft's Edge browser only accounts for around 4 per cent of the browser market, though, so it's not exactly a hammer blow to Adobe and the advertisers of the world. The move might, perhaps, make it seem a little more attractive to anti-ads upgraders, though. [Microsoft via TNW]

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