Movie Studios in Bidding War for Live Action Pokémon Movie

By James O Malley on at

"Pokémon, I choose you" is the current cry of both Legendary Entertainment, Sony and Warner Bros, as the two studios bid for the rights to make a live action film based on the legendary Nintendo franchise.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Nintendo has been courting studios over a big-budget adaption presumably on the realisation that they'd be able to make an absolute killing.

Interestingly, though Legendary (the studio, not Mewtwo) is thought to be the company with the best shot at capturing the rights, the deal could apparently be troubled due to the fact it is owned by a Chinese company - as Japan and China haven't had the best relationship historically speaking, to put it mildly, and there are new tensions over the South China Sea.

Though as Hollywood Reporter notes, such a deal between Chinese and Japanese companies wouldn't be unprecedented: Both Legendary and Warner Bros previously teamed up to bring Godzilla's most recent adaption to the big screen.

Fans have been waiting for a live action film for some time, and have even taken to producing their own fan-made film trailers:

In any case, we hear that the contract for the rights is hidden under a truck parked near the SS Anne. Our uncle who works at Nintendo told us that for sure. [Hollywood Reporter]