Netflix UK Raising Prices for its Most Loyal Old Streamers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Netflix, the streaming subscription service that most people pay for, have, then do nothing but moan about how there's never anything on it apart from Nic Cage films and documentaries better suited to YouTube, has decided it's about time people from the olden days started paying the same as current joiner-uppers.

The latest change affects people who signed up for Netflix a lifetime ago in dotcom years and managed to lock in their subscriptions for the "Standard" HD service at £5.99 a month. If that's you, you're about to be asked to turn a blind eye to it rising to the new current Standard fee of £7.49, which is getting on for a 25 per cent rise. There's obviously enough new users aboard now to risk a few old-timers dropping out and sulking off to whatever Amazon's streaming thing is called these days.

There's still the option to pay just £5.99 a month for the "Basic" service, although that limits the height of the definition, plus it only lets the account be used on one device at a time -- not much user in today's modern households when everyone's in a separate room watching their own separate thing on their own device while hating everyone else for sucking up all the bandwidth with their crap. [Wired via Lifehacker]

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