New Amazon Kindle Expected to Go Down Apple's 'Thinner is Better' Route

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

We only found out that a new Kindle eReader is on its way yesterday, but the gossipers have already sprung into action. It’s almost like they’ve got nothing else to do. The model Jeff Bezos has promised for next week is reportedly set to be Amazon’s thinnest eReader yet. I know, it’s almost too exciting to handle. Somebody hold me down.

The Kindle Voyage -- which is believed to be the high-end handset Amazon’s set to replace -- is already pretty slinky, with a 7.6mm frame, so it’s fair to say this isn’t really the news we’ve been holding out for. What’s more, battery life is expected to suffer as a result of this apparent slimming-down of the device.

The new model is also expected to come with typical high-end features, including a touchscreen and backlighting, but 3G connectivity has also been touted. Wouldn’t we be so lucky. There’s also been some chitchat about a special case that doubles up as a battery pack and can be recharged with solar power, though that's not expected to arrive so soon. [WSJ]