New Pics of Apple's Doughnut Show Off its Inglorious Sheds and Cafes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Newly released concept renderings of Apple's gigantic bumhole of a building show us where its pampered staff may be sitting while enjoying their subsidised lunches and trying to think up uses for smartwatches, and it's all a bit more workmanlike outside than within the glorious gaping centre.

Look at this boring box. It says "supermarket refrigerated storage" more than "cutting-edge tech facility." No one's going to be able to even see out of those windows. It's Jony Ive and Norman Foster having a go at 1960s brutalist:

The second one's OK, though. It could easily be a shop or cafe at a newly renovated garden centre. You could happily eat a sandwich there while slagging off Samsung, if something as unfashionable as bread is allowed on site and if "Samsung" isn't on the banned words list.

The new pics of the surroundings of Apple's planetary arsehole were acquired by Bizjournals, which says they're sheds, outbuildings, reception areas and an "outdoor food station" -- the latter presumably personally demanded by Tim Cook so people don't stink out the nice bits with their hummus and put him off his mental stride.

Apple is taking these new reference designs to the American equivalent of the local planning committee for approval, and given how much money it's pumping into the area with the development of the big round tech sphincter it wants to forever hold open and point out into space, it would be mad to say no. [Bizjournals via Apple Insider]

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