New Suicide Squad Trailer Teases Batman v Superman Link

By Gerald Lynch on at

Well, if nothing else it sounds like it's going to have a killer soundtrack. There's a new trailer for Suicide Squad on the loose and, as well as giving us a few extra glimpses at Jared Leto's Joker, it seems to be setting up links with the rest of the DC cinematic universe.

Whether that's for good or ill is likely dependant, however, on how much you liked Man of Steel and the (in my opinion) woeful Batman v Superman.

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“What if Superman had decided to fly down, rip off the roof of the White House and grab the President out of the Oval office? Who would have stopped him?”, asks some CIA-type bloke in the trailer. While there's certainly a greater sense of fun in this Suicide Squad trailer than, well, the entirety of Bats v Supes, it seems that the whole set up is predicated against the same underlying fear of superheroes like Superman that Zack Snyder's DC efforts have rested on.

Still, could Batfleck be back to save the day? Being the best thing about Batman v Superman, is that a glimpse of the Dark Knight surfing the Joker's bling-mobile, and diving into the river? He looks a little lightweight to be Batfleck though, so perhaps this caped daredevil is just someone in disguise, or a similar costume.

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