New Top Gear Trailer Shows Matt LeBlanc Having a Joey Tribbiani Moment

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

He played dim but loveable character Joey Tribbiani on Friends of course, and Matt LeBlanc’s shown that years of acting like a silly-billy may have rubbed off on him. The new Top Gear trailer has dropped, and focuses solely on the handsome one, who takes an awful long time trying to figure out how to get into a car.

To be fair to LeBlanc, the Arial Nomad is a very odd-looking vehicle. He then takes it for a spin in the Moroccan desert, getting hit with a face-full of dust and proving that he’s a lot easier to watch than Chris Evans.

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The new series of the motor show is set to air next month, but its exact launch date is a bit of a mystery. Though Evans initially said it would arrive on May 8th, recent reports claim that the BBC pushed it back to May 22nd, but is now considering switching things up again, as the first semi-final of ITV’s crazy-popular Britain’s Got Talent will air at the same time. Maybe the curse really is real. [TopGear]