Old/New Leak Claims Galaxy Note 6 Will Have Eye Scanners

By Tom Pritchard on at

I feel like every year there's a rumour that goes round that one of the major phone releases will include some form of eye-scanning security feature, because clearly fingerprint scanners are too simple.

Well that rumour is back, with the feature supposedly coming to Samsung's next Galaxy Note phablet.

Samsung fansite GalaxyClub has noticed that Samsung sent a bunch of 'iris camera' modules into India for research and development. There's no indication that it will definitely appear on the Note 6, but there's no way in hell Samsung will be introducing such a big feature on a mid-range phone. So maybe? It's just random speculation for now.

There's also the rumour from SamMobile that the Note 6 will have IP68 waterproofing, which protects it in up to 1.5 metres of water for half an hour. That's pretty likely, since the Galaxy S7 reintroduced waterproofing to Samsung's flagship range.

Who knows, maybe in six months time you'll be unlocking your phone with your eyes at the bottom of a swimming pool. [GalaxyClub | SamMobile via TechRadar]