Panopticon 'All-Seeing Eye' Lets You Track London's Busiest Roads Live

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you live in the countryside, here's a funny video -- people in London trying to drive anywhere! Ha ha! Look at them. Going really slowly in the midst of loads of toxic fumes. Your ironic modern beard won't filter out all that NOx, mate.

The London Panopticon pulls in data from all of the Transport for London CCTV traffic cameras based around a specific location, so you can whack in a central hotspot -- or have the browser detect your location if you've actually made it into the city -- and have a massive array of cameras showing you what's happening in the surrounding roads, live.

Sadly, at time of writing, most traffic seems to be relatively free flowing, so the people of the capital don't seem to be suffering too much. Still, you can further amuse yourself by imagining the poor people trying to find somewhere to park when they do arrive at their destination. [London Panopticon via Standard]

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