PornHub Just Launched a Free App for Set-Top Boxes and It Is Weird

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Do you dream of wanking on your sofa in surround sound as the dull blue glow on your giant 4K television fills your eyes with flesh? Today is your day my horny friend. PornHub just launched its first ever app for set-top boxes. It’s a real blast.

The new app just launched on Roku and gives you access to all five million of PornHub’s videos. You can also log into your PornHub premium account for an ad-free experience with more exclusive content. Once you’re logged in, the app honestly looks a lot like any other Roku app, but instead of seeing the option to watch Star Wars: Clone Wars, you can watch “Star Wars: Clone Wars Padme getting rammed.” Unfortunately, you can’t watch the new VR porn in the app, but it would look awful on a television anyway.

It’s worth pointing out that the PornHub app has much more limited functionality than the website. You can pretty much only browse by basic categories and sort by popularity. (See below.) There aren’t any links on the video landing pages so, for instance, you can’t click through to see more videos with the same pornstar or the same tag. You also can’t skip ahead or back in the video with much accuracy. That said, the limited functionality is an issue with many Roku apps.
PornHub Just Launched a Free App for Set-Top Boxes and It Is Weird

The app only takes a second to load, but it does take a second.

PornHub hopes to release apps on other platforms soon. Pornhub VP Chris Pierce told Gizmodo that the company hopes to launch on “any platform(s) that allow adult content.” (That probably means Apple TV is not in the cards.)

“In the meantime we will continue to optimize our TV version of Pornhub that works great on consoles and smartTV web browsers,” Pierce said. “We are also launching Chromecast support in our official Android app by the end of April.”

So until then, you can download the new PornHub app here. Enjoy the weird experience of watching porn on your TV with a remote in one hand and, um, whatever you want in the other.

PornHub Just Launched a Free App for Set-Top Boxes and It Is Weird