Portable Gaming System Promises PC Power in a Pocket

By Gary Cutlack on at

The developer of the PGS handheld claims to have solved the tricky problem of wanting to play PC games when not in front of your home gaming superstation, building a machine that might, if it's actually real and not a crowdfunding scam, offer HD gaming on the go.

The perhaps too good to be true specs include a 2560 x 1440 resolution display, Windows 10, Android 6 (dual boot), plus it'll come in "Hardcore" and "Lite" versions, with the Hardcore option doubling RAM and SSD sizes to 8GB and 128GB respectively, while also putting in a larger battery. It's all passively cooled too, which may make it more socially acceptable to be seen sitting with in public, seeing as a fan won't power up whenever you get to a visually intense cutscene.

But is it real? The pre-order page simply says "coming soon" so we'll have to keep it bookmarked and see what happens. Chances are nothing will happen and the domain will expire in 23 months' time.

The maker has given out a bit more info on its Facebook page, though, where it claims that worldwide sales will start in Q4 of 2016, for a price starting at $220 (£155). The more you read the less likely it all seems. [PGS]

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