Reddit Steps Up Troll Busting Measures With New Blocking Tool

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

While many would argue that it’s all part of the fun, Reddit has introduced a new tool for blocking trolls who seemingly have nothing better to do with their lives than offend and harass fellow internet geeks. Come on guys, we need to stick together. The site now lets you block other users’ content, without informing them that they’ve been gagged. Previously, you could only have this level of control over private messages.

Reddit’s management team has received a lot of criticism over its hands-off approach over recent months, with Ellen Pao stepping down from her role as interim CEO because of the backlash. However, the firm says it’s committed to confronting and stamping out harassment and bullying, and that more measures are yet to come.

"You can now block users that reply to you in comment replies as well," a Reddit engineer explained on the site. "Simply click the 'Block User' button while viewing the reply in your inbox. From that point on, the profile of the blocked user, along with all their comments, posts, and messages, will then be completely removed from your view."

With cyberbullying fast becoming a serious problem, it's certainly a positive move, but will it change the site forever? [Verge]