Rutger Hauer Would Rather There Wasn't a Blade Runner 2

By Gerald Lynch on at

He stole the show in the 1982 original, but Rutger Hauer doesn't sound too into giving science-fiction classic Blade Runner its forthcoming sequel.

The Dutch actor rose to fame after delivering the memorable "Tears in Rain" speech at the finale of Ridley Scott's futuristic noir film. But speaking to Gizmodo to promote the new Alien: Out of Shadows audiobook, Hauer suggested it's a franchise best left alone now.

“I don’t understand why they’re calling it Blade Runner if they have a new project,” he said.

“There’s something with the name I guess that pleases them, but is it the same? They’ve been rebooting things that I’ve made before and it’s a very strange compliment in ways."

But like it or not, Hauer knows there is little to deter a studio from making a big-bucks sequel, even if it puts the purity of the original in jeopardy.

I ask Hauer if Blade Runner's mystique means it'd be better left as a single standalone film, rather than spun out into a franchise. "I think yeah, absolutely, yeah," he replied.

“What are you going to say, it’s just a matter of ‘go ahead, make my day,’” he said with a flourish, miming blowing his brains out with a gun.

But Hauer would still be intrigued to see the script, whether a part opened up for him or not.

“I’d take a look at it of course as I’m interested to see what it is. But you’re like fishing in a pond where you have no idea what is in it. I’m curious what Ridley [Scott, now the sequel’s producer] will do. The director [Denis Villeneuve] is a very interesting director so...Let’s put it this way – I hope it’s better!”

Blade Runner 2 is now slated for an October 6th 2017 release date, which shows high hopes for the film as that's prime Oscar nomination season. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, it'll see Harrison Ford reprise his role as detective Rick Deckard, who will be joined by Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright.

As for Hauer, he can next be found lending his voice to the Alien: Out of Shadows audiobook, which is released today. We'll have more from Rutger Hauer later on today, as he speaks about his career, his return to sci-fi with Out of Shadows and his reminiscences from his time on the Blade Runner set.