Samsung's Smart Contact Lens Makes HoloLens Sound Primitive

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Forget Google Glass. Write off HoloLens. If Samsung actually makes anything of its mad-sounding smart contact lens patent, the world could be about to change enormously.

A 29-page application filed by the South Korean giant has been discovered, and it describes a contact lens capable of beaming images directly into a user’s eye, snapping pictures and connecting to a smartphone -- wirelessly, of course. Nobody wants a cable dangling out of their eyeball, no matter how intriguing the use-case.

The eyepiece would theoretically make it easier to read maps and search for information while on the move, and would most definitely go down well with perverts, who’d be able to snap candid pictures with a cheeky wink. Can you sense that? It’s another Glass-style creepstorm brewing.

It isn’t yet clear whether or not Samsung has been granted the patent, or indeed worked out how to build such a device, but everyone’s getting ahead of themselves regardless. Any chance of adding vision enhancement to that list of capabilities? [SamMobile]