Scammers are Making Easy Money From Kindle Unlimited and Ruining it for Everyone

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It was inevitable. Arsebag scammers are taking advantage of Kindle Unlimited by flooding it with nonsense books designed to help them earn a quick buck.

The Amazon service pays writers based on how many pages of their books consumers read, but works this out the easy, non-foolproof way, simply by assuming that you’ve read all of the pages that come before the furthest one you’ve actually viewed. Simply put, if you accidentally looked at the final page and nothing else, Amazon would assume you’d read the entire book.

Lots of sneaky so-and-sos have caught on, and are unleashing waves and waves of lengthy books that consist of, well, utterly unreadable nonsense. Unfortunately, lots of consumers are being tricked into hitting a link on the opening page, which transports them to the final page, and these people are getting paid for it.

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Though $0.005 per page doesn’t sound like much, many of these books are 3,000 suckers long, and the scammers are believed to be using click farms to drive up their rankings. We’ve approached Amazon for a comment, and will update this page when the company responds. [BoingBoing]