Sky Q Can't Make up for Lack of TV Discounts and Champions League Football

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Despite all of the allure of Q, it appears that consumers are more interested in discounts and midweek footie nights than 4K.

Sky only picked up 30,000 new TV customers during quarter ending in March, with the UK and Ireland churn rate -- the proportion of customers leaving Sky -- rising from from 10.2% to to 10.7% over the same period. That’s an extra 10,000 people turning their backs on the company’s services.

According to Sky, the rise in defectors “reflected our decision to limit discounts”. The company’s been busy promoting Sky Q, its thoroughly impressive 4K service, but appears to be paying the price elsewhere. BT’s complete domination of Champions League football hasn’t helped either, with Sky chief executive Jeremy Darroch describing the company’s reaction to that as ‘resilient’.

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That said, overall revenue rose by 5% to £8.7 billion for the nine months to March, with operating profits up 12% to £1.14 billion. Now then, when's Q actually getting the 4K treatment? [Guardian]