Swipe Buster Will Find Your Dad on Tinder -- For a Fee

By Gary Cutlack on at

So how do you find someone's Tinder profile without going down the potentially dangerous path of creating a Tinder profile yourself? You can, if so minded, pay a service to do the digging for you, with new tool Swipe Buster asking for just (!) £3.50 to look up someone's entirely innocent friendship profile.

The app uses Tinder's API to generate its results, so while it might be a little direct for some, it's not breaking any rules or performing any illegal hackery. The creator says it isn't just about seeing if your partner has been meeting lorry drivers in laybys when he or she was suppose to just take out the recycling, with the maker saying it's been built to highlight the issue of people leaking their personal data all over the place.

The anonymous coder responsible told Vanity Fair that: "There is too much data about people that people themselves don’t know is available. Not only are people over sharing and putting out a lot of information about themselves, but companies are also not doing enough to let people know they’re doing it."

Swipe Buster operates via the web -- all you need to do is pay and feed it some initial information to help it pinpoint whoever you're trying to blackmail, dump or laugh at. [Swipe Buster via Independent, Vanity Fair]

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